Wsu application essays for university

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Apply for admission

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The WSUV Writing Placement Exam requires students to write two essays that tackle the same kinds of writing tasks students will encounter in the English program courses. Students will have two full hours to write their essays, with fifteen minutes of the exam session devoted to pre-writing.

Washington State University was recently updated in the College Essay Organizer database, and it makes for an interesting case study. Often, large state universities tone down the writing requirements, if only because they can expect tens of thousands of applicants in what should be a fairly straightforward admissions process, but not so with Washington State.

Find Washington State University GPA Calculator and GPA; SAT scores; ACT scores and scholarship and financial aid data of current and past students. Writing, reading, and thinking skills are developed and molded to form an ever changing and perfecting student experience.

I credit my study of history with all my success at WSU and with all the success I hope to have in the future.”.

Assurance of Learning

The Bachelor of Arts in English at WSU Vancouver can help you develop a strong foundation in literary and cultural texts, creative and nonfiction writing, and professional and technical writing.

English majors become engaged global citizens and proficient communicators who understand the power of language to shape their worlds and are prepared for active intellectual and public life in the. Application to the WSU Honors College. 1 About You. 2 Honors College Essay.

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Wsu application essays for university
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