Soil formation under desert pavements essay

Desert pavement

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Aeolian Landforms: What Is A Desert Pavement?

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Short Essay for Geography Students on Soil Formation

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Desert pavement, surface of angular, interlocking fragments of pebbles, gravel, or boulders in arid areas. Desert pavement forms on level or gently sloping desert flats, fans, or bajadas and lake and river terraces dating to the Pleistocene Epoch ( million to 11, years ago).

A desert pavement, also called reg (in the western Sahara), serir (eastern Sahara), gibber (in Australia), or saï (central Asia) is a desert surface covered with closely packed, interlocking angular or rounded rock fragments of pebble and cobble size.

Soil Formation Under Desert Pavements Desert pavements are common landforms in arid regions.

Desert Pavement: It's Natural

They consist of flat or sloping surfaces where stones are closely packed angular or rounded, and generally exhibit low relief (Mabbutt, ).

Soil formation Pedogenesis or soil evolution (formation) is the process by which soil is created.[1] It is the major topic of the science of pedology, whose other aspects include the soil morphology, classification (taxonomy) of soils, and their distribution in nature, present.

Soil Formation Under Desert Pavements Desert pavements are common landforms in arid regions. They consist of flat or sloping surfaces where stones are closely packed angular or rounded, and generally exhibit low relief (Mabbutt, ).

Soil formation under desert pavements essay
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