Exams should not be abolished essay

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Examination in school should not be abolished -- thoughts?Give ur views for or against the topic.

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For example, students need good grades to get progress levels and to get into university, so student must study hard for that.

Are you in favour of exams being abolished?

Death penalty should not be abolished essays The death penalty, probably the most controversial of all legal punishments for prisoners, it's the one that I have to write about now.

For some people is the perfect solution as a punishment, for others it's a cruel way to take revenge. And, at the same time the students can have their social life and study at the same times. Therefore, exam does not encourage cramming.

Why the Death Penalty Should Be Abolished Essay

It is the student's mistake not to have a good study method. First of all I think that the exams should not be abolished because through exams, the only way for the teachers to get feedback from the students.

When writing an essay about why exams should not be abolished, itis important to write an introduction paragraph that captures thereader's attention and end with a strong thes is statement. Use thesecond paragraph to briefly state why they should be abolished. When writing public be zeros abolished should examination essay Apply essay rutgers an essay about why exams should not be abolished, Whether or not public examinations should be abolished.

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Exams should not be abolished essay
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