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Theater of Cruelty If Artaud's theater of discovery was not widely embraced, his ideas have been the key of many essays on stage theater, and many males continue to share Artaud's concepts.

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Antonin Artaud

The universe with its only natural forces was cruel in Artaud's opinions, and this cruelty, he felt, was the one important most important fact of which man must be careful…. At the same standard, Europe had erupted in war.

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Antonin Artaud: Antonin Artaud, French dramatist, poet, actor, and theoretician of the Surrealist movement who attempted to replace the “bourgeois” classical theatre with his “theatre of cruelty,” a primitive ceremonial experience intended to liberate the human subconscious and reveal man to himself.

More Essay Examples on Van Gogh Rubric. In MarchArtaud moved to Paris to pursue a career as a writer, and instead discovered he had a talent for avant-garde theatre. Antonin Artaud’s most profound piece of work was not a poem, not a play, not an acting role, but a theory: Artaud’s Theatre of Cruelty.

He began to form his Theatre of Cruelty theory after learning of the Balinese theatre that seemed, to him, to share qualities with his ideas about theatre. Artistically, clearly not, even though in his essay, “The Theater of Cruelty and the Closure of Representation,” Jacques Derrida described how Artaud’s thinking might be seen as impossible.

Theatre of Cruelty, project for an experimental theatre that was proposed by the French poet, actor, and theorist Antonin Artaud and that became a major influence on avant-garde 20th-century theatre.

Essay on Short Bio on Antonin Artaud Antonin Artaud Antonin Artaud was born on September the 4th,in Marseille, France.

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He was son to Eupharasie Nalpas and Antoine-Roi Artaud.

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