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The poor reputation of technical analysis is well deserved. It’s their own fault really. The way this field has expanded makes it very difficult to take it seriously. Hi Avadhut, This is a great article thanks for sharing, very helpful.

I’m doing a fairly in-depth industry analysis on the global music streaming industry and was wondering if you had any relevant information or data you could share, or point me in the direction of? Latest personal finance and money news, comment and information on your property, mortgages, insurance, savings and investments from the Guardian, the world's leading liberal voice.

What if you could see, in one second, how often a certain word or phrase was used in the most popular songs of the past decades? Guess no longer. Each graph below shows how often certain words have been used for each of the most popular songs since The horizontal axis is the year of the song.

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Is Love of Money Really the Root of All Evils? | Desiring God